Pam Wilkins
Minutes Secretary & "Pompey Bus" Co-ordinator

As Minute Secretary my job is to record and take notes at board meetings, some of which can last three to four hours, and AGMs and produce a full written record of each meeting for PST board members, showing any actions required. I keep hard copies of the minutes for PST records.

The Pompey Bus is used by various members of the Pompey Community on match days. PiTC use it for free health checks. It is my job to liaise with PiTC on the use and availability of the bus for PST and other users. I am at the Pompey Bus on home match Saturdays to maintain a match day meeting point/PST office for supporters to join PST, renew membership or ask for information. I pass on member’s details to the Treasurer and Membership Secretary. I also give advice and help on general supporter issues.

As well as these two main roles I am responsible for any general admin as necessary.

I write the away supporter information in conjunction with PCFC SLO Johnny Moore, to supply relevant travel and local information to the Sports Mail, PST and Central Branch websites and Express FM, for supporters travelling to Pompey away matches. I liaise with the PCFC Football Police for recommended away fan friendly pubs and any local restrictions on things like parking, access, special buses.

I attend the Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) meetings as the PST representative to see if there are any problems I can help with. If necessary I liaise with Ashley or appropriate person at PCFC to help solve the problem. 

I attend the Safety Advisory Group meetings as the supporter representative and report on the meetings to the Tony Goodall Fans Conference (TGFC) and PST. 

I also sit on the club's Heritage and Advisory Board.

Pam can be contacted at [email protected]

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