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By PST Board

PST board update regarding the information/voting packs outlining the Tornante offer for Portsmouth Community Football Club

by Scott Mclachlan

Today, the 20th April 2017, the Pompey Supporters' Trust hereby announce that there will be a shareholder vote on the terms submitted by the Tornante Company and the Eisner family.

By PST Board

Results of the survey that we recently sent to shareholders and members, regarding the possible sale to Michael Eisner's Tornante Investment Group.

by Scott Mclachlan

Congratulations to all at Portsmouth FC. This Club is OURS and we are "On Our Way!"

By PST Board

Statement from PST Board

by Phil Sandys

Your chance to be in the audience as the Express Football Hour goes on tour.

by Scott Mclachlan

We are delighted to announce the winner of the KMFOTY 2017

PST Statement: Pyrothechnics

Added on 07/04/2017
by PST Board

A statement from the PST Board regarding pyrotechnics

by Scott Mclachlan

Trust members can now cast their vote in the Ken Malley Fan of the Year 2017 award!

by Scott Mclachlan

Due to the current interest from Mr Eisner the PST are suspending voting rights for all new Members.

By PST Board

A statement from the PST Board

By Johnny Ertl

Find out more about my role outside of the PST board and win a shirt signed by Neymar!

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