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A message from the Blackpool Supporters Trust
by The PST Board

Added on 09 November 2017

Dear football supporter,

On behalf of Blackpool Supporters’ Trust we wish you a warm welcome to Blackpool and hope you enjoy your time here. 

Unfortunately Blackpool FC is a club in crisis and you will find Bloomfield Road over three-quarters empty as the majority of our supporters are undertaking a sustained ethical boycott against the club’s owners, the Oystons. 

Our decision to boycott has not been taken lightly. We believe they only run Blackpool FC for their own benefit, so as a last resort Blackpool Supporters’ Trust voted to adopt an ethical boycott as part of a campaign to force the owners to sell the club.

We do appreciate that you want to support your club and respect your decision to do so. That said, we hope you support our protest and ask that you consider showing solidarity with your fellow football supporters by:

  • not purchasing any match programmes or lottery tickets 
  • not purchasing any food or drinks from the kiosks inside the ground. (Local businesses which have been negatively impacted by the downturn at the club would welcome your custom today.)
  • spreading the word about the Blackpool boycott to any sympathetic listenersWe greatly appreciate your support.

Yours in sport,

Blackpool Supporters’ Trust

Website: www.blackpoolsupporterstrust.com
Twitter: @BlackpoolST
FB: BlackpoolST

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