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Awford T-Shirts Still Available
By John Kimbell

Added on 23 July 2014

Our limited edition 'Andy Awford's Blue & White Army T-Shirts' are still available, but only until 8th August.
Fully endorsed by Andy Awford and worn by the first team squad for the warm up at Thurrock last night (see left) they are available in 2 designs and a range of colours and sizes.
Speaking to the PST recently, Awford said “I think these T-Shirts are brilliant and hopefully they will be really popular – not just with PST members but Pompey fans in general.  We’re in this together and anything that can be done to help show support is welcomed by me”.
The T-Shirts cost £15 (free P&P) and can be bought directly from the manufacturer here: - http://www.creativemidfielder.co.uk/shop.php?c=pompey-supporters-trust.
It is also worth noting that we have one T-Shirt signed by Awford himself, listed on eBay currently click here - po.st/ebay2
Currently on a limited print run, buy yours today whilst stocks last.

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