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Donald Vass Appointed Chair Of The PST
by the PST Board

Added on 28 November 2023

The Pompey Supporters’ Trust are pleased to announce that Donald Vass has been appointed as the new Chair of the organisation.  

The PST Board selected post-holders for the forthcoming year following the recent AGM. Simon Colebrook will continue to serve on the PST board as Treasurer.  

Donald Vass said: “I’m delighted to become the Chair of the PST and grateful for the faith and support given to me by my colleagues. I’ve been involved with the Trust for nearly a decade now, and so have seen first-hand the positive impact we can have and the important role the Trust can play in the ongoing success of the club.  

“Simon is a man of great integrity, who has served the fanbase of the club superbly during his time as Chair. Much of his excellent work has gone unseen to many – he has maintained regular dialogue with the club on a wide range of topics, ensuring that the Pompey remains supporter-focused and that fans are central to everything that goes on at the club. This is a principal I’m keen to ensure continues. I’m really pleased Simon is staying on at the PST as Treasurer and look forward to drawing on his advice and expertise - we would be a much poorer body without him.  

Outgoing Chair, Simon Colebrook, commented “It has been a huge honour to represent the PST for the last six years. From the successful return of monies to our Community Shareholders, to the recent unveiling of the Jimmy Dickinson statue, I have been pleased to play a part in the history of the Trust and the club we all support. I’m also extremely grateful to both my colleagues on the Trust Board over the last six years, and our members for the trust and support they have given me.  

“I’m very pleased to revert to my former role as Treasurer and I’m thrilled that Donald has been chosen to succeed me. I know that he will be a very capable Chair of the Trust and I look forward to supporting him on the Trust Board in the years to come." 

Phil Sandys will remain as the PST’s Vice-Chair.  

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