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Eric Coleborn steps down from PST Board

Added on 02 August 2023

Eric Coleborn has resigned from the PST Board to take up a role as one of the Presidents’ representatives to the Heritage and Advisory Board with immediate efffect.

Eric joined the PST Board in 2015 as a co-opted member to act as a link between the Presidents and the PST. Following the sale of the club, Eric stood for election in 2017 and was then re-elected in 2020 and again in the election that has just closed. Eric has also been the Chairman of Portsmouth FC Women, and has recently been appointed a Director the new company established by Tornante as they bring the Women’s team to a semi-professional status.

Simon Colebrook, Chair of the PST Board, said “Eric has been a highly valued member of the PST Board for the last 8 years, making a huge contribution to our activities over that time. I have especially valued his wisdom and enthusiasm for all things Pompey.

“I was pleased to see him re-elected this summer, however with his nomination to act as a representative of the Presidents on the Heritage and Advisory Board it was agreed that we needed to avoid any perceptions of a conflict of interest. Accordingly, Eric has graciously agreed to step down to take up the new role.

“I wish Eric well in both his new role as a Director of Pompey FC Women, and on the Heritage and Advisory Board where I am sure he will prove to be a fantastic representative for the Presidents.”

Eric Coleborn said "It has been an honour to represent our incredible fans on the Trust Board for the past 8 years and I would like to thank Simon and his fellow board members for their support over this period.

As I have said many times, what we did nearly 10 years ago was nothing short of incredible and I have huge respect for everybody involved. Going forward, I will continue to do everything I can to support improvements in every area of "OUR" great club."

Simon Colebrook added “In order to maintain the strength of the Board, we have invited the other candidate from the election, Ian Limb, to join the Board as a co-opted member. I was particularly impressed by the strength of Ian’s candidacy, and we had been considering how he could contribute to the PST in any case. Ian will serve as a co-opted member for the next year and will then be able to put himself forward for election next summer.”

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