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Exclusive PST/Andy Awford T-Shirts Available Soon
By John Kimbell

Added on 16 June 2014


The PST is delighted to announce that it has commissioned the custom design T-Shirt company 'Cult Zeros' to produce an exclusive 'Andy Awford's Blue & White Army' T-shirt as excitement around the new season starts to build.

These limited edition T-Shirts which are exclusive to the PST, will be available to buy online in July and cost just £15 - with free postage and packaging. 

PST Spokesman John Kimbell said - "These t-shirts are yet another way for fans to make a contribution to the PST.  We've agreed a deal with Cult Zeros that see us get the majority of the revenue that they generate, which means that fans not only get a great looking t-shirt to show their support for Andy and the team in the run up to the new season, but they will be contributing vital funds to the PST"

"We appreciate that not everyone can afford to buy a share so this is a more affordable option for people to get involved if they wish to. We're very grateful to Cult Zeros for producing these T-Shirts for us and helping us to generate some vital income"

Pompey boss Andy Awford added "I think they're brilliant and hopefully will be really popular - not just with PST members and shareholders but Pompey fans in general. We're in this together and anything that can be done to help show support is welcomed by me"

If you want to be the first to hear about where and when you can buy one of these T-Shirts, please email [email protected].

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