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Fan ownership survey
By John Kimbell

Added on 25 March 2014

A request for help from Pompey fan, Mike Carre.

"My name’s Michael Carre and I’m a BA Sports Journalism student at the London University of Arts.

For my dissertation I have taken on the subject of fan-ownership in football, dissecting the history behind supporters’ involvement at their clubs and how a fan-owned model stands up today’s footballing landscape.

As part of my research I intend to gather Pompey supporters’ views on the fan ownership model that operates at their club. As you will see from the survey, I want to investigate why fans did or didn’t become shareholders, the understanding of how the dynamics of fan ownership works and the general feeling of fans towards this takeover from different demographics"

Your help if filling in this survery would be appreciated :- http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/mike-mmk/pompey-fan-ownership-survey/

Play Up Pompey!

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