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FSF and SD members vote to merge organisations
by Simon Colebrook

Added on 02 August 2018

Last Saturday, 28th July, both Supporters Direct (SD) and the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) held their AGMs. At those AGMs the members of both oranisations voted in favour of the proposed merger of the two bodies. 

The PST Board had previously considered the arguments in favour and against the merger and concluded that with the funding challenges presented by the Premier League Fans Fund only being willing to fund a single supporter group, a merger was in the best interest of Supporters Direct and the trust movement. PST Secretary Mark Farwell attended the SD AGM and cast the PST vote in line with this decision, in favour of a merger.

In a joint statement, SD and FSF said

On July 28th at their respective AGM’s both the SD & FSF members voted in favour of a merger of the organisations. The Chairs, CEO’s & board members of each organisation are committed to delivering the merger and creating a modern, effective and powerful single voice for football fans nationwide. Both SD and the FSF will now nominate two current board members each to join the Chairs and CEO’s on an interim board that will oversee the creation of the new organisation.

Further, the two CEO’s will begin working together on an operational plan for the merger process, along with holding initial discussions with the Fans Fund regarding our next three year funding cycle. We will endeavour to communicate with members regularly to provide updates of the ongoing work.

The PST is a proud member of Supporters Direct and owes it a huge debt of gratitude for the support we received during the saving of Pompey from administration and likely extinction. We also have huge respect and appreciation for the work of the FSF in campaigning on issues that affect every fan's experience of going to matches and supporting their clubs, such as safe standing, or the vital work of Amanda Jacks in assisting fans with policing and stewarding issues. We particularly recall the work done by the FSF in helping Pompey fans get compensation for the unfair treatment they were subject to at the away game in Shrewsbury in 2013.

We look forward to taking our place as a active member of the new combined organisation that we believe will be a strong voice for good governance in football, a supporter of fans trying to save their clubs from incompetent or unsuitable owners and a champion for ordinary fans who just want to watch their teams without being unfairly treated by clubs, football authorities, police or the government.

Supporters Direct: https://supporters-direct.org/

Football Supporters Federation: http://www.fsf.org.uk/

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