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FSF say "No" to League Three
By Ken Malley

Added on 11 May 2014

The national Council of the Football Supporters’ Federation spent sometime yesterday discussing Greg Dyke’s commission’s report that has caused such a stir. Although few of us had had the time to read the complete 82 page report, we recocognised that the areas of particular concern to the majority of supporters were the section on loanees and of creating B teams and a League Three for them to play in.

I had received a number of letters from members all of which were part of my contribution to the debate.

In the 82 pages there appear to be several measures that might be beneficial to football in general and to England in particular. However the Loanees scheme and the idea of placing an extra league, to accommodate B teams from the wealthiest clubs, into the football pyramid, have received a firm and loud “No way!” from the majority of football supporters. The FSF are therefore against these proposals and are pleased to support the “Against League 3” petition at  http://www.againstleague3.co.uk/

Although Greg Dyke had asked the FSF and Supporters Direct for submissions (http://www.fsf.org.uk/latest-news/view/fsf-statement-on-the-fas-england-commission-report) to the original FA Commission, they had not hinted at these proposals at the time. The FSF had however included a section against ‘feeder clubs’. This has obviously been ignored.

We also noted that despite the League Three scheme presuming promotion from and relegation to the Football Conference, no-one from the Conference was invited to talk to the Commission or contribute to the report.

Consideration was also given to the fact that the only early support for these schemes came from a handful of the richer clubs, whereas a number of clubs from lower leagues have clearly stated that they are against the idea. This included Portsmouth CEO, Mark Catlin, (http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/pompey/catlin-wants-football-unity-to-defeat-dyke-1-6048140).

We hope that Greg Dyke will accept that opinion is strongly against his suggestions and that he will withdraw them and concentrate on the more acceptable parts of his report.


Ken Malley (PST Vice Chair and Executive Director FSF)



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