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Added on 13 February 2014

As a result of the new website, the user accounts system has been redeveloped. If you had an online account and purchased membership via PayPal, (either a single year membership or reoccurring annual subscription), then your account will have been transferred to the new website (providing your membership was still valid as of 12/02/2014).

I paid for Membership via PayPal from the previous PST website

You will need to reset your PST website account password by following the steps below:

  1. Visit www.pompeytrust.com/account/forgotten
  2. Enter the registered email address.
  3. You will receive an email with a new password.
  4. Login with your email address and new password at www.pompeytrust.com/account/login
  5. Change your password.

I pay for Membership manually

A website account is not required.

Continue paying via your existing payment method.

If you wish to start paying via PayPal, please contact us so we can check your renewal date. We will then email you with your PST account details.


I want to purchase a new Membership

We recommend that you register an account at www.pompeytrust.com/account/register and pay online, via PayPal.

For further information about Membership to the PST and how to pay, please visit www.pompeytrust.com/pages/membership

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