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In solidarity with the Blackpool Supporters' Trust
by Scott Mclachlan

Added on 13 February 2017

On Valentines night we see the visit of Blackpool but there is little love around Bloomfield Road these days.  The PST know what it is like to see your club in the grip of owners who do not listen to its fanbase and also know how hard it is to be in conflict with the very club you love.

Four years ago the Blackpool Supporters' Trust started to urge fellow fans to boycott the club and it has taken that long for the majority of fans to now stay away in an attempt to show the owners of the club that the way they run the club is not working and the way they treat their fans is not to be accepted.  They have instigated a "Not A Penny More" campaign urging Home supporters to not go and Away supporters to use facilities outside the ground if at all possible for food and drink.  It is a brave campaign and is working, attendances at Bloomfield Road have tumbled.

You can read more here: http://thesetpieces.com/features/turning-back-love-blackpool-fans-enduring-protests/

Very simply the PST would like to extend the welcome to all the Blackpool fans who make the long journey on Tuesday night, many of whom only see their team play away from home and we obviously make public our support for the BST in their efforts to bring about a change in the ownership model at Blackpool, one that interacts with the fans with respect and also runs the club ethically.

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