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Ken Malley Fan of the Year - List of Nominees
by Phil Sandys

Added on 10 April 2018

Central Branch and PST are running a joint campaign to encourage members to vote for their Fan of the Year.

The winner will be presented the award at the End of Season Party.

Please see list of nominees and reasons listed below.

Please send your votes to [email protected] by 14th April.


Kevin Ryan  

Nominated by Helen Chivers 

I would like to nominate Kevin Ryan for Fan of the Year, Kev was one of the founders of the PFC Supporters' Club (Central Branch) and has worked tirelessly to make sure the Club has been run as smoothly as possible, always doing things for the benefit of the Club, even if it means his own desires have had to take a back seat, e.g. stepping back from wanting to be Chairman, as he felt the Club would benefit from him remaining as Secretary, to provide solid support to you in your wish to be Chairman; this was a difficult decision for Kev, but he did it as it was best for the Club at that time.

Kev is devoted to Pompey and is passionate about people joining the Supporters' Club. He stands outside Fratton Park on all home match days for hours and at away games, he can get to, handing out membership leaflets (I've not noticed anyone else from the Supporters' Club do this), as well as spending hours on the phone and talking to people in person to remind them to renew their membership. In fact, any chance he gets he's encouraging people to become new members, especially families, getting the children involved in meeting players and having a chance to become a mascot on match day.

Kev is well known and respected throughout the Football Club and with other Supporters' Clubs, but he never pushes himself into the limelight, instead happy to support his beloved Club through making the Central Branch Supporters' Club a very successful link between members of the Football Club and their fans.

The role of Secretary is not a glamorous one, but essential to the success of the Supporters' Club. Without his hard work behind the scenes I'm not sure the Supporters' Club would run as smoothly or as successfully as it does. That's no disrespect to the rest of the committee, who work very hard, it's just my view.

As well as supporting Pompey, home and away, since 1966 and being a season ticket holder since 1978, I heard Kev say today that next year he would have been part of the Supporters' Club committee for 30 years. If this isn't commitment to his Football Club then I don't know what is.


Pam Wilkins  

Nominated by Steve Tovey 

I wish to nominate Pam Wilkins as fan of year as I think it would be very apt for someone who serves on both  committee of central branch and board of PST to win the award in first year of joint award. Pam is hard working fan away from the games serving as FSF rep on behalf of all supporters attending meetings all over country in her own time.

In addition Pam has worked tirelessly from the creation of the trust manning the trust bus in all weathers until fan ownership was achieved.
Now its over she has not walked away; indeed she has stepped up as vice chair of the trust and now represents PST and fans on the heritage board of the club.

She is a key member of Tony Goodall Fans conference and attends all meetings of Safety Advisory Group on behalf of the Conference.

In addition she attends DSA meetings.

In addition to all of this she has been attending matches home and away for over 50 years.

Pam is a true part of the "volunteer blue army " at Fratton Park; that saw us achieve fan ownership .

It is time to recognise her work and Vote for Pam


Natalie Figgins  

Nominated by Christine Price 

I would like to nominate Natalie Figgins for Fan of the Year, Natalie runs the Pompey fans forum with over 11,000 members worldwide and is so helpful in obtaining information and tickets for visiting overseas fans. She also referees the site well, allowing no racism, sexism or homophobia.

I’d like to put her forward as a possible candidate.


Stephen John  

Nominated by Michael Maunder 

I would like to nominate the late Stephen John who suddenly passed away two weeks ago.

Stephen some of you may or may know was the Treasurer of Clan Pompey and until last season also organised all the tickets for members.

He was one of the key figures running the supporters club north of the border.

He made every member of the Clan feel welcome and you felt you had known him for years.

Not only did he regularly follow Pompey, he was an avid England follower going to many games, he even had tickets for the World Cup in Russia which he was so looking forward too.

Stephen was instrumental in supporting the Pompey Trust from Scotland I believe he even had a share he would encourage other members of the clan to join the trust.

You would often see Stephen’s Clan Pompey flag at both Pompey and England away games.

He is left by a wife and three grown up boys all raised in the outskirts of Glasgow but all as Pompey fans.

Such was the influence of John in the Clan, Pompey fans travelled from all over Scotland to attend his funeral.

Stephen will be missed by his family, friends and Pompey, the reason for my nomination is it would be a fitting tribute to remember Stephen for


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