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Ken Malley Fan of the Year 2017
by Scott Mclachlan

Added on 08 February 2017

Following the success of our inaugural Fan of the Year vote which saw Paul and Sarah Banks become worthy winners of the first trophy, we are delighted to again ask Pompey fans for their nominations.

These days there are a glut of end of season awards for Player of the Season and it is an acknowledged crowded market, but the alternative idea of the creation of an annual Fan award in memory of Ken Malley was floated amongst the PST Board in 2015 and accepted as a worthy memorial.

We are delighted to also again thank Eric Coleborn for his continued sponsorship of this award.

Nominations will be made by Pompey fans of an individual or group who they deem worthy of receiving the award for the season.  Please note that any Pompey fan can nominate - but only PST Members can decide who wins.

It will be up to those persons nominating to make the case of why they think the individual should win and then a shortlist will be put together by an expert panel.  The panel will be led again this year by PST Vice-Chair Pam Wilkins.

It could be for services to Charity which is achieved through following Pompey or for some other act of kindness or generosity, or maybe that person has not missed a game for 20 years and deserves recognition?

PST Members will get to vote on who they think should win from the shortlist provided and a presentation will be made before the end of the 2016-2017 season.

If you are not a current member then why not join and take part in the vote, as well as helping the PST in its many aims.  Email [email protected] to find out how you can join or visit the Website http://www.pompeytrust.com/pages/membership

Please use the link to download the form: http://www.pompeytrust.com/userfiles/file/KMFOTY/KMFOTY%202017.pdf

Forms can be emailed to [email protected] handed into the Pompey Bus on a Saturday matchday or sent to our postal address:


PST, c/o Pompey Study Centre,

Anson Road,




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