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Welcome to the new Pompey Supporters Trust website!

Added on 13 February 2014

We’re really excited to be able to reveal the new look PST website.  Many man hours have gone in to producing what we think is a clean, easy to navigate and responsive website that positions the PST as a professional and modern organisation.

The site has been built as a core component of our new communications strategy.  John Kimbell has project managed the new site and explained:

“It was vital that the new website had a more polished feel to it if we were to continue to expect people to invest in the PST.  For many, a web search and subsequent site visit is their first port of call when they go online, so it was imperative that our shop window said ‘open’ rather than ‘closed’.  We are putting in place some measurable objectives to ensure the new site is doing what we want it do – which primarily is to act as an up to date resource for our members and the general public as well as a platform for us to increase the number of new members and subsequently the revenue we generate”.

“Our website is central to how we communicate with our members, although we are conscious that not all of our members have internet access.  We are working on how to better communicate with these ‘offline’ members and hopefully they have already seen more content in the likes of the PFC match day programme, the Sports Mail as well as an increased regularity in our contributions to Express FM and Radio Solent”.

“We’re delighted with the new site and are very grateful for all the help we’ve had”.

Website FAQ

  • Why did we need a new website?

    If you visited the original PST website in the last few months, you’ll understand why.  Things have changed dramatically at the PST over the last year, and we felt that we needed a more robust, responsive and professional looking website.  The new site offers our members a lot more in terms of content and helps bring to life our communications objectives of being more accountable, transparent and professional.

  • Did the website cost anything to build?

    Yes, the board voted unanimously to invest in a new website, to ensure that the issues highlighted in the above question didn’t happen again.  We decided to enlist the help of a professional web design agency who are able to dedicate resource and support beyond the initial build to ensure it stays up to date and well maintained.  The hope is that the site will deliver a return on our investment within 18 months.

  • Who built and designed the site?

    The site was built by a company called Apollo Internet Media - a Hampshire based agency run by Pompey fan Adam Judd.  We spoke to a number of other individuals and companies who offered to help, but we felt Apollo’s proposal was the best, based on a number of criteria.  By using a professional company we have been able to put a ‘service level agreement’ in place to ensure that our expectations are met on an ongoing basis and we don’t need to rely on the kindness of volunteers to help us, (who aren’t always available at the drop of a hat).  The design was done in consultation with our board and was chosen from concepts that were presented to us.

    The website is developed to be visually appealing, easy to use, and function across a broad range of display resolutions, from desktop to mobile devices. A bespoke Content Management System is used to maintain the site. Rather than being restricted to off-the-shelf software, this tailored solution enables flexibility for future requirements.

  • Who will be updating the site?

    Members of the PST will be updating the content as regularly as possible.  We are inviting contributions from any of our members however, so if you’d like to submit a blog or news article, please get in touch.

  • Why isn’t there a member’s forum on the site?

    This may be something we add in time, but given the plethora of other Pompey message boards already available to fans we didn’t think it was necessary to create a new one.  On top of this, forums need to be moderated and we don’t have the resource to do this currently.

  • Why is there advertising on the site?

    We know some people don’t like advertising, but we were keen to explore any avenue that would see the site generate incremental revenue for the PST.  Advertisers will be paying to appear on the site, ensuring a source of income for us on an ongoing basis.  Advertising enables publishers around the world to make their content free to millions of people and we are the same.

We hope you enjoy the new look site and we’d welcome your feedback - good or bad.  There may well be a few glitches launch - do let us know if you see an error and we’ll put it right as quickly as possible.

If you have any further questions about the website or would like to find out how you can get involved in contributing to it, please contact [email protected]

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