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PCFC clarify season ticket pricing
By John Kimbell

Added on 27 April 2015

Following PCFC’s announcement last week regarding season ticket prices for the 2015-16 season, the PST board was keen to gather feedback on these prices from our member base.
A number of members emailed their thoughts to both the club and our ‘Trust Matters’ email address and as a result, an ‘FAQ’ page is now available here that we hope will address the questions raised.
After further consultation with the PST board, we are pleased that the club have listened to the fans with the Direct Debit scheme being extended by 2 months.
Club CEO Mark Catlin said “We worked closely with the Pompey Supporters’ Trust on this question particularly. We know some fans are upset the ten-month option has been withdrawn, so we have looked at this again and we are now offering a seven-month payment plan, instead of the originally proposed five-month one.  Fans also have the option of paying a lump sum upfront of their choosing to make monthly payments even cheaper.
“As a community club we are always working hard to keep prices as affordable as possible for our fans while ensuring the manager has a competitive playing budget. It is a tricky balancing act, but we feel our season ticket offer is a fair one”.
The PST acknowledges the club has taken advice from Trading Standards regarding the removal of the cash discount this season and that increase in age eligibility for a senior ticket has risen to 61 because the club has instigated a rolling programme to increase the age eligibility for senior citizen season tickets to 65.  

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