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Pompey Supporters Trust supports climate change initiative, Pledgeball.
by Phil Sandys

Added on 17 September 2021


Pledgeball is an initiative that aims to rally football fans to tackle climate change. 


Each match day, whilst teams compete on the pitch, fans compete online by making sustainable lifestyle pledges in support of their team, pledges that range from switching to using a reusable cup to going vegan to installing solar panels. The team of fans that pledges to save the most emissions wins that fixture and the amount pledged by determines the team’s place within the Pledgeball League. 

Charlton Vs Portsmouth… 

Is a feature Pledgeball fixture: Charlton are offering prizes to encourage fans to pledge. 

Pompey Supporters’ Trust have offered their support to rally Pompey fans and take on the Addicks. 


The numbers alone give football fans significant potential to make change: 

  • Pompey’s Twitter followers simply switching to using a reusable bottle saves the same amount of emissions as taking over 600 cars off the road
  • Pompey’s followers simply reducing their shower time to 5 minutes saves the same amount of emissions as taking over 10,000 cars off the road 

Then there’s the wide reach, the passion, the drive and the stubborn hope that mean that football fans could be the drivers of change. 

Go here to support Portsmouth in their fixture against Charlton (and beyond!) and to see what Pompey fans can achieve as a collective. 

To find out more about Pledgeball visit www.pledgeball.org 

Twitter: @Pledgeball12 

Instagram: @pledge_ball

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