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Portsmouth Football Club Statement on Fan Behaviour
By Scott Mclachlan

Added on 16 October 2015

Portsmouth Football Club are very proud of the support and passion that our loyal fans have provided over the years.
It is therefore with great regret that the club finds itself having to make a statement about the unacceptable behaviour displayed by a small minority of supporters at recent fixtures, including most recently at Cambridge, where coins were thrown at match officials.
All behaviour of this kind is totally unacceptable and not what Portsmouth Football Club wishes our fans to be known for.
The club work closely with Hampshire Constabulary and will continue to ensure we provide an enjoyable matchday experience for all.
We wish to stress that acts of disorder, violence, abusive and discriminatory chanting and other breaches of ground regulations will not be tolerated and the club will fully support any prosecution and subsequent banning order.
If supporters are found guilty of football-related offences it could lead to a life ban from the club.
Superintendent Andy Houghton from Hampshire Police said: “Families should be able to come to the football and enjoy the match without fear of encountering violence or disorder – like recent coin throwing incidents.
“Such stupid acts are completely unacceptable. Not only can they physically injure someone, but they can damage the reputation of the club.
“We will work closely with the club to actively pursue anyone found carrying out acts of violence and disorder at and around matches and will do everything within our power to secure long banning orders.”
Portsmouth Football Club would like to urge all supporters to continue to be passionate and support the team, but only in a way that makes us all proud to be part of this great club.
Supporters can report incidents either by alerting their nearest steward or by contacting the matchday text line on 07500 77 88 44.
The Pompey Supporters Trust fully support the Club and Hampshire Police in calling for fans to behave responsibly and hope everyone enjoys the trip to Newport this weekend.

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