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PST appoint new Chairman
By John Kimbell

Added on 30 December 2014

The Pompey Supporters' Trust will head into 2015 with a new Chairman.
Following the vote to appoint our chairman (which is an annual task) Ken Malley has been elected as Chairman. Tom Dearie takes over the position as Vice Chair.
Ken Malley said "I am immensely proud to be asked to take over the position of Chair. I helped form the Trust in 2009 and served as Vice Chair from the very first Board. We owe a great debt of thanks to Ashley Brown who took the Chair before the take-over, led the 'bid team' and has served as a PST representative on the Club Board ever since. He will continue in this role and with his many other projects, like overseeing the Tesco deal, serving as a Director of the Football Club and Pompey In The Community and as an invited 'expert' on the DCMS panel. 
Ashley's role in bringing us this far cannot be overstated. When we started the PST in 2009, our aim was to act as a safety-net should PFC be liquidated or to push for recognition of fans on the Club Board if not. We have far exceeded those targets and in a remarkably short time too. However as a board representing our members we know that we can't rest on our laurels.
The board has acknowledged that the Trust now faces a new challenge - a challenge to reach out to a wider fan base and grow its membership. We must ensure we use this time of stability to lay the foundations to ensure Pompey remains competitive on the pitch, but crucially financially sustainable off and we know the Trust will play a large part in that. The board believe the Chair should spend the next 12 months leading a review of the Trust in preparation for a new 3 year strategy to ensure we remain relevant to all fans going forward. 
This job will require time and dedication and as such I've been asked to lead us through this new dawn. We will keep you updated and ask for your views in the near future"
Ashley Brown added – “It has been an honour to serve as Chairman and I intend to remain a very active board member. I am sure Ken will lead the PST effectively and I wish him well in his new role”

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