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PST appoints Heritage and Advisory Board representatives for 2021-22
by the PST Board

Added on 13 July 2021

Following a vote of the Board, the Pompey Supporters' Trust has appointed its representatives to the Heritage and Advisory Board.

Ashley Brown, Donald Vass and Phil Sandys were selected to represent the Trust in the 4 scheduled meetings for the 2021-22 season.

This will be the third season that Ashley and Phil have been chosen to represent the Trust. For Donald it is a return to the body that discusses the longer-term strategy and development of the club after having been on it in the 2018-19 season.

Departing this year is Clare Martin who has served on it since its formation following the sale of the club to Tornante in 2017. The Trust Board thanks Clare for representing us during this time. Clare remains a full member of the PST Board following her re-appointment in the elections that have recently closed.

The Heritage and Advisory Board consists of 10 members – 3 from the PST, 3 from the former Presidents, 2 from the Club and 2 from Tornante. It discusses the longer-term strategy of the club, potential plans for development of the stadium and training facilities and provides input from a fan perspective into the decision making process of the club and Tornante on new projects as they are being considered. It also provides the mechanism for the veto held by the PST on the Heritage items of the club – shirt colour, club name and stadium location.

The full list of members of the Heritage and Advisory Board is:

For the Trust: Ashley Brown, Donald Vass and Phil Sandys

For the Presidents: Ian Silvester, Martin Price and Mick Hall

For PFC: Andrew Cullen and Tony Brown

For Tornante: Mark Catlin and Eric Eisner

In addition, the meeting is regularly attended by observers and contributors to provide input on specific topics including Michael Eisner and Anna Mitchell, Commercial Director of the club.

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