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PST attends Heritage and Advisory Board Meeting
By Simon Colebrook

Added on 08 August 2018

The PST representatives Simon Colebrook, Clare Martin and Donald Vass attended the first Heritage and Advisory Board meeting of the 2018/19 season last Saturday, August 4th. Also in attendance were Presidents Martin Moyse, David Willan and Mick Williams, representing the club were Tony Brown, Mark Catlin and Anna Mitchell and representing Tornante were Breck Eisner, Eric Eisner, Michael Eisner and Andy Redman.

It was a useful and interesting meeting which covered a range of subjects, including:

  • The transfer dealings in the summer and the playing squad
  • An update on bringing Pompey FC Women under the club’s umbrella
  • The current season ticket sales, hospitality and sponsorship 
  • The works on the stadium over the summer and future plans for the club’s stadium
  • The current financial position of the club

We discussed recent concerns expressed over shirt sizes which were noted and will be looked into.

We also discussed the desire from fans to receive more details of the future plans for the stadium. The club and Tornante gave more detail of progress in this area to the Heritage and Advisory Board. However, as with player transfers or other commercial matters, the club does not wish to prejudice future discussions with other parties by publicly revealing plans or intentions until they are confirmed in contract. 

The PST representatives can confirm that they are satisfied that work is being actively carried out to both maintain Fratton Park for the near future and also to address the long term stadium situation for the club. The club and Tornante understand and appreciate the desire from fans to hear about the future and are committed to keeping the Heritage and Advisory Board informed as the plans develop and to inform the wider fan base as soon as they are able to without affecting the viability of any development.

As always, so that everyone at the meeting can be completely open and honest, the specific details of any discussions are confidential.


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