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PST Board selects Heritage & Advisory Board nominees for the next year
by Phil Sandys

Added on 26 September 2017

The board discussed the nominees for the Heritage & Advisory Board of the Club at last night’s board meeting. Each board member was asked to express the skills and qualities they wanted to see from the PST nominees and all were invited to put themselves forward if they wished to. 

The board had a constructive discussion on the right fit for its choice and came to a consensus on the nominees without needing to go to a vote. The nominees chosen are:

  • Simon Colebrook 
  • Clare Martin
  • Pam Wilkins

The Club and Tornante have been advised of the nominees and, pending approval from the EFL’s Owners and Director’s Test, the confirmation process will be carried out at the first Heritage & Advisory Board meeting on 2nd October.

PST Chair Simon Colebrook said “We’re very pleased to put forward a group of people with a fantastic mix of skills and experience. 

Pam brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of Pompey history as well as a deep understanding of how fans relate to their clubs not just at Pompey but also across the country. She was also part of the original group that founded the PST with its mission to have representatives at the highest levels of the club, so I think it’s fitting that she is part of that group.

Clare brings many years understanding of the club from the inside and how it relates to the wider community. With her role as Chief Executive of Pompey in the Community she is well placed to show how the football club can be a force for good in the Portsmouth region.

I will aim to bring my years of experience in business as a Chartered Accountant, as well as my knowledge and understanding of the takeover process and the structures that have been put in place as a result. As chair of the PST, I will seek to represent and give voice to not just our members but also the whole Pompey fanbase by connecting with the Tony Goodall Fans Conference, the local Supporters Clubs and also though our work in social and traditional media. 

The PST will strive to represent the interests of all fans and provide a conduit of information to the Heritage and Advisory Board. Pam, Clare and I look forward to joining the representatives from Tornante, the club and the Presidents at our first meeting next Monday 2nd October. “

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