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PST Board selects Office Holders for the next year
by Phil Sandys

Added on 26 September 2017

The PST Board selected its office holders for the forthcoming year at last night’s monthly board meeting.

The board discussed the requirements the forthcoming year and how important it will be in redefining the purpose of the PST. After considering the candidates that expressed their interest, the following Office Holders were appointed.

  • Chair - Simon Colebrook
  • Vice-Chair - Clare Martin
  • Treasurer - Donald Vass

On his appointment as Chair of the PST, Simon Colebrook said “I’m honoured to have been entrusted by my colleagues with the role of chair of the PST. This is an important year for the Trust as we seek to redefine its purpose and work together with Tornante and the club to build on the fantastic achievements of the last 4 years. 

I’d also like to thank Ashley Brown for the huge contribution he’s made to both the PST and the club over the last 6 years. Without his efforts we would not be in the great position we are in now. “

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