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PST Board welcomes stadium development plans
By the PST Board

Added on 21 January 2020

Over the last seven days the PST Board has studied and debated the plans produced by Portsmouth Football Club for the redevelopment of the Milton End.

We welcome the publication of these plans as step one of the redevelopment of the whole stadium, and we appreciate the co-operation and consultation that has been given to us as part of the Heritage and Advisory Board, as well as the efforts of all involved in the extensive work to prepare these plans.

We particularly welcome the vital improvements that these plans will bring to disabled fans by creating a sheltered area and allowing away disabled fans to finally sit with their other fans.

We are also pleased to see the improvement in facilities that will allow more efficient segregation and a greater ability to sell home seats when larger away crowds are present.

We look forward to this receiving planning approval and hope to see this development completed in the near future.

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