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PST introduce 'Club Matters' email address
By John Kimbell

Added on 11 February 2015

Following a meeting between the PST and representatives from Portsmouth Football Club earlier this week, we are pleased to announce that any PST members who have a question or complaint regarding club matters, can now use a dedicated email address that will be monitored both by the club (Johnny Moore) but also members of the PST board (Ken Malley and John Kimbell).
‘Club Matters’ can cover anything but generally will cover the likes of hospitality, stewarding, ticketing, general complaints and pretty much anything match-day related.  
Those using the new email address should expect an acknowledgement within two working days and a comprehensive reply soon after.
John Kimbell who manages the PST’s communications, has worked with the Club’s PR Consultant Colin Farmery on the initiative said “Colin and I are keen to help our fans better distinguish between Club and Trust matters.  The PST receives an awful lot of email that is asking about things that on a day to day basis are out of our hands and are really for the club to respond to.  Of course we pass these emails on, but we felt that it would be sensible to introduce a new way for fans to contact the club – whilst at the same time ensuring we have visibility on the issues being raised”.  
The new email address for members to use is – [email protected]
The PST can still be contacted by email at [email protected], but we have also introduced a new email address that members are welcome to use – [email protected] for any PST specific related queries.  
Emails sent to this address will be received by Our Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and John Kimbell.

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