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by Simon Colebrook

Added on 19 February 2018

The PST held an Open Meeting on 15th February 2017 at which the Board laid out the new strategy for the PST now that the Trust no longer co-owns the club. The new direction for the Trust is actually a return to its original aims to be a Fan Representative body that the club consults with on a regular basis.

Back in 2009, when the PST was formed, the goal was that the club at the time would engage with the Trust so that fans would be informed on what was happening inside the club and so that the club would consult with the fans and hear feedback on any developments. As we all know, events changed significantly and the PST became part of the fans rescue of the club from insolvency. However, having agreed to sell the club to Tornante, the Trust now needs to change its purpose back to being a fan representative body.

The Open Meeting saw this new purpose explained and the objectives and areas of focus that the Trust Board will adopt for the future. In addition, the Open Meeting also included

  • an update on the progress of the Community Share Withdrawal Scheme,
  • some changes to the board election process this year,
  • an opportunity for questions or feedback to be submitted for the upcoming Heritage and Advisory Board meeting, and 
  • a discussion on potential uses of the surplus that has arisen from the sale of the club

The meeting was also attended by Barney Fox from Zanda Films, who have been making a documentary about the fall and rise of Pompey through the administrations and rescue by the fans. Barney showed a sneak preview of the film, which promises to be a fantastic retelling of the events from the people that where at the heart of them, and on every side of them.

The documents below are the presentation from the evening, including notes on the slides and a summary of the questions and answers from the evening.

Open Meeting Presentations

Questions and Answers

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