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PST selects new representatives to the Heritage and Advisory Board
by The PST Board

Added on 29 July 2019

The PST Board is pleased to announce that our three representatives to the Heritage and Advisory Board (HAB) for the 2019-20 season are Ashley Brown, Clare Martin and Phil Sandys.

This will be the first time that Ashley and Phil have represented the Trust and the fanbase on the HAB. This will be Clare’s third season on the HAB.

Previous HAB reps Simon Colebrook and Donald Vass are leaving the Heritage and Advisory Board.

New HAB member Ashley Brown commented, “I’m pleased to be joining the HAB and to represent Pompey fans in discussions with the club board and execs. I believe effective supporter consultation is a key element to the future success of our club, with the HAB being one form of engagement between club and fans.”

Phil Sandys also commented about his new appointment to the HAB, “I am very proud to have been elected onto the Heritage and Advisory Board by my fellow PST Board colleagues, and am looking forward to working alongside the other HAB members to ensure that honest, open dialogue is maintained between the club and supporters. Pompey's fans are at the heart of our club, and the HAB presents an opportunity for our voices to be heard by the owners and board.”

Clare Martin expressed her gratitude for being reappointed to the HAB, “I’m really pleased to have been re-elected and will work to ensure that ‘Community’ remains at the heart of everything that PFC strive towards”

The Heritage and Advisory Board was set up as part of the sale of the Club to Tornante. It formed a key part of the contract of sale and its terms of reference include promoting and reflecting the interests of fans, other stakeholders and the wider community associated with the club, along with making specific recommendations on matters such as pricing, sponsors and the stadium development.

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