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PST Statement: Pyrothechnics
by PST Board

Added on 07 April 2017

Following incidents at recent away games, Portsmouth Football Club would like to warn supporters that any person found to be in possession of a pyrotechnic device in or around a football stadium will be banned from Fratton Park indefinitely and face criminal charges.

In the most serious cases, fans and players have been badly injured by the use of these devices, including head wounds, severe burns and breathing difficulties.

The club could be subject to heavy fines and potentially even receive supporter or points-related sanctions.

This offence also carries a possible prison sentence and a minimum three-year football banning order.

The club have been reported to the Football Association over a number of incidents involving pyrotechnic devices, missiles and pitch encroachment this season, all of which are criminal offences.

A club spokesperson: “Our safety team constantly liaises with other clubs and the police.

“Portsmouth Football Club will support the criminal prosecution of those people identified as committing offences.

“We appreciate the passion of our fans and the majority of them do not cross the line, but we will not tolerate people breaking the law and spoiling the enjoyment of others.”

The club are fully supported by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust (PST) on this issue.

A PST spokesperson said: “Thankfully nobody was hurt at Hartlepool when several blue smoke canisters were let off in the crowd.

“We managed to get the win, but if one had landed on the pitch and the game was delayed and momentum lost, it could have affected the result.

“We all need to stay behind our team and push to finally get out of League Two, but please no more smoke canisters.

“The people who throw these, or in fact anything else at matches, are causing significant damage to the club they claim to support.”

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