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PST welcomes suspension of matches
by Simon Colebrook

Added on 13 March 2020

In the light of a serious and fast changing public health emergency the PST welcomes the decision to suspend professional football matches for a period of time.

The health and well-being of fans, players, club staff and all of our families must take priority. The season can resume at a later date when it is safest to do so.

Alongside my Board colleagues, I would also like to put on the record our appreciation for the way in which Portsmouth FC has handled this situation in a calm and measured way, keeping fans informed as and when facts are known. We know that this is a stressful time for everyone and the club staff and management are working hard to deal with this unprecedented crisis.

When football resumes, as it will, the clubs up and down the country will need all the support they can get from their fans to help things get back to normality, as well as understanding and flexibility on how football matches return.

In the meantime we encourage all Pompey fans to take heed of the advice from the Government and to look out for themselves, family members and other fans - particularly those in vulnerable groups.

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