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PST win Civic Award
By John Kimbell

Added on 17 April 2014

Further to the announcement made by Councillor Gerald Vernon Jackson at our special ‘1 Year On’ Event last night, we are delighted to be able to inform all of our members that we have been awarded a Civic Award by Portsmouth City Council.
Speaking at the event, Councillor Vernon Jackson said ‘The PST deserve this Civic Award as recognition of the achievement of the volunteers who have run the Trust and all the people that contributed to the survival of the club. The way the PST has worked to bring financial stability to the club is text book example of how to take ownership back for the fans whose passion is the lifeblood of the club”
PST Chairman, Ashley Brown added “This is recognition of the efforts of not just the PST board members past and present, but all shareholders both individual and syndicates, our members and of course our Presidents who continue to work so closely with us to ensure PFC is here for many years to come. It is a wonderful gesture for Gerald Vernon Jackson to have nominated the PST and for the City Council to honour us in this way. I hope this signals the strength of our ongoing partnership between the PST, PFC and the City Council”
The presentation of the award will be made at the Guildhall as part of the mayor making ceremony on Tuesday 3rd June, starting at 10.30am and Councillor Vernon Jackson has invited our members to the event. Spaces are limited, but Councillor Vernon Jackson will try to accommodate as many PST members as possible, so if you would like to attend this special ceremony then please email [email protected] before 16th May with your name, phone number and the number of tickets you would like.
The PST board would like to thank you all for your continued support and look forward to seeing you as many of you as possible at The Guildhall on 3rd June.

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