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PST/Brilens Launch Merchandise Range To Benefit Academy
By Scott Mclachlan

Added on 01 August 2016

PST & Brilens Launch Initiative to Support Academy 

On the 1st August 2016 the Pompey Supporters’ Trust are delighted to announce a partnership with local company Brilens to generate funds for Portsmouth Football Club’s Academy.

Brilens are a well known local clothing manufacturer who are situated a stones throw from Fratton Park and they have agreed to produce a Merchandise range featuring the PST logo and a casual style. 

The PST Board have decided that every penny they receive from this venture will go to the Pompey Academy.  This is one of the stated aims that was produced in the Strategic Plan for 2016-2017.

Brian Curtis, Owner of Brilens had this to say: "We are very proud to be working alongside PST in this new adventure.  We have been a big supporter of Fan Ownership and the PST since it was formed and to have a merchandise range in support of the PST is brilliant; especially as it is in directly supporting the Academy squad.  From the outset we wanted to provide a merchandise line that is quality, has a casual feel and is loved by the fans.  We feel our designs reflect our aims and are really pleased with the outcome.  The range allows fans to show their support for the PST and Pompey along with helping fund the Academy stars of the future.   We have designs under way heading into autumn/winter taking into account back to school and even Christmas! We hope we can appeal to a wide range of fans designing kids, women and mens apparel and accessories.  This is an exciting time for Brilens."

PST Board member Scott Mclachlan worked with Brilens on this project, he said "I approached Brian a few months ago to ask if he would be interested in a partnership that would bring in much needed funds to the PST coffers, he immediately was positive and I cannot thank him and his team enough for the enthusiasm they have shown in getting this off the ground.  It is important that the PST look to partnerships with local business when it has a need for a service and our focus is always to benefit the club in some way with our activities.  The PST is not just a significant shareholder in the club, it has the ability to help progress the club with projects such as this.  We are delighted that proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit the Academy "

Mark Kelly who is in charge of the Academy expressed delight at the news: "This is a great gesture by the Pompey Trust and Brilens, the Academy will only continue to improve if we receive funding from Fans through ventures such as this." 

You can purchase the items online, here: http://brilens.co.uk/pst/

***  PLEASE NOTE - PST Members can use a code to gain a 10% discount througout August!   ***

When buying online use code "launch2016" 

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