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Scott Mclachlan steps down from PST board
By PST Board

Added on 05 June 2017

Scott Mclachlan has decided to step down from the PST board with immediate effect.

Scott has been instrumental in the growth and success of the PST for the last seven years, always being absolutely committed to our objectives. He stood in the very first election, and became part of the first elected board having prior been involved in the supporter movement via both the Anoraks and the Pompey Virtual Alliance.

Always willing to challenge, offer ideas and opinion his involvement has been key to the vibrancy of a board that welcomes independent thought and alternate thinking.

Along with his resignation Scott offered the following words - “It is with great sadness that I have tendered my resignation to the PST Board this week in time for my place to be available in the upcoming PST Election. Many of the reasons that I sought re-election to the PST Board 2 years ago have been removed by the change of ownership of Portsmouth Football Club. Over 80 percent of the members I represent agreed to sell which means that I deem my position on the Board to be incompatible with the PST's future direction. I am still committed to Fan Ownership, not just as a way to save Football Clubs from closure, but to play a large role in how they are run. Tornante need to make a success of PFC, I expect and hope that the PST will be a friendly & critical partner and I wish both PFC and the PST well for the future as I continue to be a passionate supporter of both. My thanks and untold admiration go to PST board members past and present, the many Shareholders who stepped up and played a massive part in saving the club, and the Presidents led by the irrepressible Iain McInnes” Chair of the PST,

Ashley Brown, added “Scott has played a major part in the PST story during several key moments of our short history, his passion will be missed by the board and I am sure he will continue to be a strong advocate of the PST and supporter of Pompey”

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