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Trust Updating Members Records
By Scott Mclachlan

Added on 02 December 2015

It is important that we have ways to contact our members and shareholders as the Pompey Supporters Trust grows in 2016 and the Trust Board are executing a plan to gather as many correct and missing email addresses as possible.

We do not have access to the clubs email Database so our members Database is seperate, this may mean you receive Club news but not news from the PST.

Being able to contact our members via email helps keep our costs down so, if you fall into the following criteria, please email with your correct Email Address to [email protected]

  • You don't currently receive Emails from the PST but are certain you have a correct address with us;
  • You do receive emails but would like it changed;
  • You have never received Emails from the PST;
  • You don't have an email yourself but a friend or relative can receive them for you.

Alternatively you may be on our contact list and will receive a call from a Board member in the coming weeks.

If you have any membership queries then please email [email protected] and Steve Hatton wil be delighted to 


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