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Update on Community Share Withdrawal Scheme
by Simon Colebrook

Added on 16 November 2017

The PST Board is pleased to confirm that the first batch of 1,547 payments to shareholders has completed. There were 44 payments that failed to complete due to incorrect bank details and the share withdrawal team will be in contact with those shareholders early next week. In addition, there are a few international payments and payments to Nationwide pass book accounts that will be completed next week as these could not be batch processed.

This has been a mammoth exercise and we are particularly grateful to our new bank who have been extremely helpful in enabling the payments to be made as quickly as they were.

We have received 1,754 applications to date, including those received after the cut-off for the payment run just concluded. The summary of the payment requests is as follows:

Refund requests  £1.74m
PST Membership  £25.5k
PITC Donations excluding Gift Aid   £42.5k
Pompey History Society donations       £24.7k
PST general donation      £9.2k

We would like to thank shareholders not only for their support by purchasing future membership, but also for the generosity shown with the fantastic level of donations. 

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