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WGS - survey results revealed
By PFC Board

Added on 21 September 2016

The PST would like to thank all fans that participated in our recent survey regarding the FA’s proposed ‘Whole Game Solution’.

A total of 1,281 fans completed the survey and the results were overwhelmingly against the proposal, which includes among other things, expanding the professional league structure to five divisions of 20, moving two FA Cup rounds to midweek, scrapping FA Cup replays and adding a winter break to the season.

Key takeouts from the survey were

• Only 9% of respondents were in favour of changing the league structure to 5 divisions of 20 teams

Less than 1% of people felt that should the proposals be adopted the additional teams should come from the Premier League (B Teams)

80% of people were against a winter break

Two thirds of people wanted to keep FA Cup replays

PST Chairman Ashley Brown said “At Portsmouth engagement with our fans at all levels and on all topics is a key part of our club. Initial supporter reactions to the WGS proposals had been negative and the survey of our fans seem to support that. There is no appetite to change the league structure or change the way in which the FA Cup is played. 

Mark Catlin who is attending a meeting with the EFL tomorrow added - “These results demonstrate a clear majority of Pompey fans are opposed to the fundamental changes proposed by the Whole Game Solution.

"Almost 1,300 fans responded, which is an impressive sample size, equivalent to 10 per cent of our season ticket holders for instance. In consequence, this is very powerful feedback for me to take to the EFL meeting”. "I'd like to thank the PST for working so well with the club to conduct this survey and all the fans who took the time to respond"

The full results can be viewed here

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