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What does Pompey mean to you?
By John Kimbell

Added on 11 November 2014

What does Pompey mean to you?
We are looking for members of the PST that would be interested in contributing to a new series of short films that we are working with the club to produce.
Entitled ‘Pompey Shorts’, the project is an opportunity for you to share how much our brilliant club and city means to you.  Our objective is to give our members the opportunity to open up about what it is about Pompey that keeps you coming back for more.
Our aim is to build up a library of videos that we can share on our website, social media platforms as well of those of the club – with the best ones being shown in front of thousands of people at future home games on the big screen.
If you’d be interested in taking part in this project, please contact [email protected] for more information.  

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