Jo Collins
Assistant Secretary/Legal Advisor (Officer of PST)

A long standing Pompey fan involved in the foundation of the PST and at the sharp end during the early days as first the Chair of the Steering Group then the Inaugral Chair my current role as Assistant Secretary/Legal Advisor involves a wide range of responsibilities mostly relating to the administration of PST and the compliance with Rules/Policies or anything to do with its activities.

I am there to provide support to the Secretary and to assist with the drafting of any documentation including those that Board members are assigned to deal with. I have been able to draw on my extensive experience as a Lawyer (retired) for over 30 years primarily specialising in Company Law and Employment having previously been involved in setting up a similar organisation representing professional players there are many significant similarities in running a Supporters Trust.

I attend nearly all Board meetings and am there to advise on procedure/practice and what the Board can do within the constraints of the PST Rules/ Policies. This includes of course the relationship with the Club via its Holding Company PCFC Limited the Presidents as Shareholders and disseminating those parts of the Shareholders Agreement that materially affect the PST. I am there to advise or make recommendations to the Board on the many difficult decisions they need to make in planning for the PST’s future as a significant shareholder in the Club. As an Officer of the PST I am along with the other PST officers appointed by the Board and then subject to re appointment following each AGM .

Whilst I am there to advise the Board and make recommendations on any decisions the PST Board are not obligated to do so. If any members have questions regarding PST Administration they can contact me at :- [email protected]

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