Simon Colebrook

Hi, I’m Simon Colebrook, and I’m honoured to have been elected to the Board of the PST. I’m also very proud to have been trusted by my fellow Board Members to act as the Chairman of the Trust.

I’ve lived in Portsmouth virtually my entire life, from growing up in Paulsgrove, to now living in Fratton with my wife. I’m a Chartered Accountant, working in a local manufacturing business and I’ve been an accountant now for over 20 years.

I very passionate about Pompey and it’s place in the local Community. Since 2013, the club has been transformed into one of the most supporter-engaged and community focussed football clubs in the country. Its partnership with Pompey in the Community has been an award-winning example of how a football club can benefit the community within which it exists.

We’ve also shown the way on how a club can consult and listen to the most important people to the club – the fans.

As we move into the new chapter with a return to private ownership of Pompey, I hope to ensure that these facets of the club are not just retained, but built on for even greater success with the fans and people of Portsmouth at the heart of everything the club does.

You can contact me at [email protected]

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